“I am a firm believer that Próspera will change Honduras.  Honestly, we have suffered so much.  So many governments have hurt us. I think that Próspera is the solution.”


This week on the Free Cities Podcast I talk to Zussel Ramos.

Zussel is the C.O.O. of AmityAge, the Bitcoin education academy based in the Free City project of Próspera in Roatán, Honduras.

This interview is the last one from my series of conversations recorded in Honduras and it is a very informal chat recorded inside Próspera’s newly inaugurated Bitcoin Center.

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Zussel is a wonderful young Honduran lady who ended up landing her dream job in Próspera thanks to her interactions with Students for Liberty whilst at college.  In this conversation we discuss the work of the academy and some of the challenges she faces educating Hondurans about not only the technology of Bitcoin but also the fact that the academy is located in one of Honduras’ widely misunderstood ZEDEs, (Zones of Employment and Economic Development).

Zussel is a wonderfully positive individual whose belief in both Bitcoin and Próspera is highly infectious, and I look forward to following the progress of the academy closely

To support the work being done at Roatán’s Bitcoin Center you can donate to their Geyser Fund.