For us the ultimate mission is to empower individuals.  Bitcoin and Bitcoin education is a tool to make that happen… But the end goal is to create individuals that have self-sovereignty, that have personal responsibility and that have agency in their own lives

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This week on the Free Cities Podcast I talk to John Dennehy.

John is a former journalist who quit his life in the US to move to El Salvador with the intention of starting a Bitcoin education programme.

The result was the creation of the non-profit organisation Mi Primer Bitcoin and the world’s first ever Bitcoin diploma.

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In this conversation we discuss the story behind My First Bitcoin as it is known in English, and the current state of the education programme as well as El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption in general.

As a firm believer in the notion that Bitcoin is a tool to empower people, John has some strong views on the subject of education as well as the state of the legacy journalism world from which he came.

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John is a passionate guy on a mission doing what he loves and it was great to meet him in San Salvador. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast feed and please leave us a review if you so desire.

For more information on Mi Primer Bitcoin or to make a donation to the project check out their Linktree.

Enjoy the conversation.