“What I want is experimentation. I don’t think that anyone has discovered some kind of optimal method of governing a specific area. I don’t think anyone has found that yet. So what I want is… ‘Let a thousand flowers bloom’…”


This week on the Free Cities Podcast I talk to Sean Pawley

Sean is the founder and CEO of Seshat Bank which is the first full-service commercial bank currently establishing itself in the Free City project of Próspera in Honduras.

This interview was recorded before I spoke with Sean’s colleague Christian Betancourt published in Episode 003 so I entered into the conversation knowing absolutely nothing about the ins and outs of starting a bank.  As a result, you may discover that my initial lines of questioning are rather basic!

The conversation evolves, however, and we end up covering an extremely diverse set of topics, including:

  • How to start a bank.
  • The history of charter cities.
  • Neo-medievalism.
  • The pros & cons of decentralisation of power.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Funding war in pre-revolutionary France.
  • ZEDEs and alternative governance models around the world.
  • What makes Próspera different from other special economic zones.
  • Space habitation in a torus.
  • The pros & cons of governance models in space.

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