Dear Partners, Supporters, Followers, and Readers,


On 5th August 2022, the Free Private Cities Foundation officially relaunched as the Free Cities Foundation. We now have a new brand, logo, and expanded mission. We are also delighted to deliver this message to you via our new website:

Since its establishment, the Foundation has focused on advancing human freedom by promoting innovative governance models that create more competition in the “market of living together”.

We remain fully committed to our core Free Private Cities governance model and see it as the most promising means of supporting human flourishing. We continue to work with aspiring Free Private Cities while now also pursuing new partnerships with a broader range of liberty-focused projects.

We define the “Free Cities” we work with as smaller territories that are adopting innovative measures to support human freedom and prosperity. Such territories can include Free Private Cities, Prosperity Zones, Intentional Communities, and autonomous and semi-autonomous territories within existing nation-states. In many places across the world, it is possible to build freedom-oriented jurisdictions employing innovative governance models that would not fit the definition of a Free Private City. By broadening our scope to develop partnerships with such projects, we aim to spread our ideas even further and contribute to building a better future.

We are excited to work with our partners and supporters under this new name and to widen our network even further. People across the world are increasingly viewing governance as a service, and they want this service delivered of higher quality and at a lower price. Our goal is to answer this demand by offering people greater choice in the systems that govern their lives. The future is bright for competitive governance, and we are proud to be playing our part in this progress.

If you would like to join us on this journey, find out how to get involved here.



Your Free Cities Foundation Team