“I’m still a fan of certain rules and regulations, but they should allow enough space for businesses to innovate and consumers to choose, and they should also not prescribe what solution will be good for consumers.

Regulators should not pick the winners and losers. Consumers should do that, because that’s what consumers do in the marketplace.

Fred Roeder headshot

On today’s podcast I have another conversation for you that I recorded in Dubai. I am speaking with a gentleman by the name of Fred Roeder.

Fred is the managing director of the Consumer Choice Center which is a consumer advocacy group focusing on pro-growth policies or, as Fred put it: promoting abundance for consumers.

Fred is also a Dubai resident, having chosen to relocate there recently, so there’s a fair bit of chat in our conversation about the UAE and the benefits of living in the Middle East as well as subjects like the evolution of cities, governance incentives, innovative US cities, healthcare and we discuss the pros and cons of the democratic system.

Enjoy the conversation.