Peter Young: Special Economic Zones, Autonomy and the Future of Free Cities

by | May 18, 2024 | Podcast

“Autonomous cities will develop naturally if they’re given the legal framework to do so. At the moment, most special economic zones have policies that apply to businesses and they’re targeted at creating space that is focused on a particular sector.

I think if you allow that to be extended to residential components and had rules for living together as part of your framework, then you could see this naturally develop.

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On today’s podcast I have the Free Cities Foundation’s managing director Peter Young back for another episode. This time we’re talking about SEZs, free zones, and autonomous cities. We’re basically giving you the 101 on what we discovered during the making of our film ‘Zones of Progress’ in Dubai.

There are lots of great insights here into the evolution of free zones and what their future might look like if the trend continues. Peter is super knowledgeable on the subject, so pay close attention and soak up all the insights. I personally think that understanding the history of SEZs is hugely important if you are interested in the establishment of new autonomous territories.

Enjoy the conversation.