“Last year our largest growth was in the Middle East. Our business has grown three times in the Middle East. And it’s not just us.

All the big architecture firms are now working a lot here. Because as I said, it’s easier to build a city here than one small building somewhere in the European Union.

Vera Kichanova scaled

Today’s podcast is a conversation I had with the Free Cities Foundation’s very own senior economist, Vera Kichanova.

Obviously, in our discussion we take a deep pretty dive into the subject of private cities. Vera received the first ever Phd in the subject. What you may not know about her, however is that she was Russia’s first ever elected libertarian… so I had to ask about that too.

There’s also a sprinkling of Argentinian politics, some observations on the successes of the UAE and we discuss the current buzz around Saudi Arabia and the country’s fascinating plans for future.

Enjoy the conversation