“Honestly, I’m actually not a big fan of traveling, which seems crazy when I have the lifestyle that I do.

I just really hate taxes. I hate bureaucracy. I want to own my own destiny.

That’s why I live the way I do.

20231014 LIOL23 Danilo Silva 30

Today’s guest on the podcast is the digital nomad and perpetual traveler, Danilo Silva.

Danilo is the C.O.O. of Settee, a Brazilian company that, in their own words “Helps Free People Become Citizens of the World”, advising on relocation, geoarbitrage, and flag theory in general.

As you would imagine our conversation primarily revolves around these topics… Where are the hot countries to relocate to? Short & long-term strategies, golden visas, tax havens, or just havens of freedom. Listen on for more of the same.

Just one caveat before we proceed… we recorded this interview just before Javier Milei won the presidency in Argentina. So, when we’re discussing Argentina, it’s the pre-Milei version.

Enjoy the conversation