Nicole Reese & Oscar Correa: Regenerative Neighbourhoods, Holacracy & Pioneer Communities

by | Apr 6, 2024 | Podcast

“People are exiting society to build their own bubbles where they grow their own food, are self-sufficient, and have also learned how to consciously design human relationships.

Many of the most successful of these projects refer to themselves as ‘research centers for peace’ because they’re exploring alternative governance systems with more socially inclusive circles and ways of relating to each other.

I think this provides a really hopeful solution to the chaos that we see at the macro level of society.

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On today’s podcast we’re delving into one of my least visited sections of the Free Cities Spectrum. I’m talking with two members of Regen Tribe, a startup involved in the ‘Regenerative Neighbourhood’ ecosystem.

Oscar Correa is the founder and CEO of Regen Tribe and Nicole Reese, the Director of Operations.

Our conversation takes us on a journey through eco village design to futurism and pioneer communities as well as self-sovereignty, self-sufficiency and, of course the wider topic of the regenerative movement in general.

Enjoy the conversation.