“I think they view Dubai like a project. It’s very much like a project where you’re quite literally building from the ground up and you are learning from history, you’re learning from the existing world, you’re learning from other nations, other cities. You’re seeing the things that they do well, the things they don’t do so well, and over the course of decades and decades, you’re just crafting it to make it attractive to all these people.

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On today’s podcast I’m back in the UAE again, where I was lucky enough to sit down with a gentleman by the name of Nzube Udezue. Of course, you will probably know him by his stage name, Zuby. He’s a highly influential rapper, podcaster, and interestingly for me, a current resident of Dubai.

Zuby has a deep connection with the Middle East, growing up as he did in Saudi Arabia, and in this conversation we discuss, amongst other things the pros and cons of living in the region along with some thoughts on liberty, rights and responsibilities, discipline, governance and how to find freedom in an unfree world.

Enjoy the conversation.