Stephan Livera: State Competitiveness, Bitcoin ETFs & The Demise of the West

by | May 21, 2024 | Podcast

“In 2019, if you had asked me ‘Will things change?’, I might have thought that certain things would change but there is an Overton window of what’s possible. 

Post 2020, so much has changed and I think the Overton window has just been blown wide open. Now is the time to be talking about these big ideas because now we could actually see some areas, some territory, some free state or some free zone, really outcompeting others.”

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On today’s podcast I’ve got another dispatch from Dubai for you this week and it’s also another returning guest, Stephan Livera.

The last time we spoke was way back in episode 04, over a year ago when I ran into him in El Salvador. This week, we’re on his home territory, well adoptive home at least. He relocated to the UAE two years ago and in this conversation we discuss that move and why the Emirates have been so successful at attracting foreign talent over the last few years.

Other topics discussed include the demise of the Western world, monarchies, multiculturalism, inflation, and Stephan gives us a roundup of the all latest developments in the world of Bitcoin.

Enjoy the conversation.