“One thing you are in control of is your attitude and your mind. You can always find a little bit of freedom there. That’s really where liberty starts and ends.”

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This week on the Free Cities Podcast we continue our series of interviews recorded in Prague and my third guest is Pavla Karon.

Pavla is what I would describe as an anarcho-capitalist entrepreneur and mother… Labels aside, she’s also a super interesting person to talk to who has much to say on the subjects of freedom and liberty, especially in the context of parenthood and relationships.

Our conversation goes in many directions but in particular we discuss subjects such as what it was like growing up under socialism, bringing up free children, digital nomadism, tools for staying free and the importance of the path to inner freedom, particularly in relationships. On that subject, in her own marriage Pavla and her husband of 10 years practice something called ethical non-monogamy, a relationship strategy that she sees as a natural extension of her libertarian beliefs.

This is a fascinating conversation that was constrained in time by my busy schedule but I will certainly be recording a part two in the future.