“I am very well aware that the state isn’t going anywhere in our lifetimes.  It will be a gradual process where it will become more and more irrelevant.  This is how I would like things to evolve”.

josef tetek

This week on the Free Cities Podcast we continue our series of interviews recorded in Prague and my second guest is Josef Tětek.

Josef is an author, educator and founder of the Slovak Ludwig von Mises Institute. He also hosts the popular Czech podcast Stackuj which is a show about Bitcoin, money, and freedom.

Josef’s background in Austrian economics and political philosophy informs the majority of our conversation and we start off by having an interesting discussion about the private provision of public goods including where the various incarnations of this model have existed around the world. Josef makes particular reference to BB Centrum which is a privately owned public neighbourhood not far from where we were recording the podcast in Prague.

Other topics discussed include social engineering, the evolution and dissolution of the state, digital gulags and Josef reports on what he discovered about monetary colonialism during a recent trip to the African Bitcoin Conference in Ghana.

This was another extremely fascinating conversation coming from the Czech Republic. Look out for more of them on the show over the next few weeks and if you are enjoying our content please leave us a review in your podcasting. Many thanks in advance.