Joe Quirk: Seasteading, Evolutionary Psychology & The Surveillance State

by | Dec 22, 2023 | Podcast

“People are completely persuaded by monopoly governance. They’re brainwashed with it. It’s coming for us. It’s coming for free people. It’s coming fast, it’s coming hard and it’s not hiding its agenda.

So this is where I want to argue with all my colleagues. We don’t want one Próspera here.  We don’t want a dozen Prósperas there. We don’t even want six thousand Special Economic Zones all over the world. It’s not enough. We need to radically proliferate the alternative examples, and completely out-compete the rise of the surveillance state.

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Today’s podcast was my favourite conversation of the year, recorded with Joe Quirk.

I really enjoy chatting with Joe. The first time I met him was at our conference two years ago when I interviewed him for a film and it was instantly obvious that he is a great orator and overall extremely interesting guy.  

This is a light-hearted conversation about Seasteading. Joe is the president of The Seasteading Institute and is extremely knowledgeable on the subject. I mean, from whom else could I learn exciting new words such as flotel, coralcrete, aquapreneurs and seavilisation? If you listen to this podcast regularly, you’ll know how much I love new words.

However, this conversation is also about the human condition and how best to use our innate ingenuity to stay as free as we can as individuals.

I really enjoyed the discourse and in particular,  Joe’s takes on the world. He makes fascinating observations about this particular moment in history and I sincerely hope that they can help you understand your own path forward.

I wish you all a very wonderful Christmas.

Enjoy the conversation.