“More and more people are interested and I think that COVID accelerated this and made people think about:  ‘OK, should I live where I live right now?… Or do I want to live in this place with this governance model?'”

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This week on the Free Cities Podcast I talk to Dusan Matuska.

Dusan is an entrepreneur, consultant & Bitcoin educator.  I initially met him in The Czech Republic during the Liberty In Our Lifetime conference but it wasn’t until our paths crossed again in San Salvador that I finally had the chance to sit down with him for an all too brief chat before he had to fly off to Roatán in Honduras where he has recently opened a Bitcoin education centre in the Free City project of Próspera.

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In this conversation we talk about Dusan’s decision to move to Próspera and how he sees the future of the project in the face of governmental opposition.

Other topics we discuss include the socio-political concept of Parallel Polis, anarcho-capitalism, alternatives to democracy, personal carbon taxes and the importance of freedom of movement, in particular with regards to Free City projects and whether or not the freedom to move is even something that is guaranteed to exist in our future.

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Speaking to Dusan is always a pleasure…  I only wish we could have spoken for longer.

To support the work being done at Roatán’s Bitcoin Centre you can donate to their Geyser Fund.