Spreading the Message at LibertyCon Europe

by | May 11, 2023 | News

Recently, the Free Cities Foundation took part in LibertyCon in Lisbon, the annual conference organized by European Students for Liberty. With over 600 attendees, the event was a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people and share ideas about the future of liberty and self-determination.

The first day featured an incredible selection of speakers such as David Friedman, Matt Kibbe, Daniel Hannan, George Selgin, and our own Free Cities ambassadors Raphael Lima and Stephan Livera. The attendees, mostly young students, were highly enthusiastic about the concept of Free Cities. We were joined at the event by other Free Cities-aligned projects such as Or Sofer’s Freethm and Liberland.

On the second day, the ‘festival’ took place, which features a more relaxed atmosphere, with a barbeque in the garden and plenty of opportunities to mingle and network. We were honored to have Peter Young and Vera Kichanova from our team as speakers, who shared their insights on the topic of Free Cities.

Timothy Allen took the opportunity to record several new podcast episodes, which we will release over the next few weeks every Friday.

The Free Cities movement is gaining momentum around the world, and events like LibertyCon provide a platform for us to connect with others who share our vision for autonomous, self-governed communities. We are excited about the progress that we are making toward creating Free Cities around the world.

Our gratitude goes to Students for Liberty for organizing such a fantastic event and the Free Cities Foundation looks forward to taking part in future Students for Liberty events, as well as partnering with them for our own conference, Liberty in Our Lifetime, that will take place this coming October. Find out more here.