Road to Liberty
A Collection of Short Stories

Free Cities Foundation

road to liberty 1

Since the Foundation published Titus Gebel’s Free Private Cities: Making Governments Compete for You in 2018, a lot has changed and the debate about alternatives to our existing systems has accelerated. Today, a vast number of organizations, projects and grassroots groups are working hard to make Free Private Cities or similar visions a reality. 

The mission of the Foundation is to achieve a free and self-determined future. To do this, we must start promoting our ideas from the bottom. We need to expand our circles and reach out to more people through culture, like music, film and literature. This book is one attempt to bring our ideas to the genre of science fiction.  

In this book, readers will find over 25 short stories discussing how private cities might look in the future. Every story is unique and shows one core idea of the Free Private Cities concept: there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Read on and imagine with us the future of the market of living together.