“This is the project of my life. I want to live and I want to die in that place, in a free place because as libertarians, we need a physical place to live.

I mean, things like Network States are fine, but in the end we are people living in a three dimensional world. We need to have our feet on some soil and I want to find a place that is free… the Free Staters in New Hampshire, the Seasteaders,  ZEDEs or something else.

I want to die in a free place.

Massimo Mazzone scaled

On today’s podcast I’m talking with somebody who I consider to be one of the key individuals in the Free Cities movement. He is the incredibly successful entrepreneur who is both the brains and the finance behind Ciudad Morazán, Honduras’s so-called blue-collar Free City.

Massimo is a lifelong Libertarian who saw an opportunity to create a unique passion project when the Honduran government passed its ZEDE legislation back in 2013. The ongoing result is Morazán, one of the world’s flagship Free City projects, but one that you probably know the least about since Massimo is not in the business of either self-promotion or promoting Morazán to potential investors.  

Massimo’s dreams for Ciudad Morazán are big as you will hear in the conversation and I hope that you will also pick up on the genuine enthusiasm he has for both Honduras and its people. I came away from the discussion feeling very optimistic, even after hearing about Morazán’s current legal battles which are somewhat stifling the project in the short term.

Enjoy the conversation.