Six New Chapters – Free Private Cities: 3rd Edition

by | Oct 3, 2023 | News, Featured

A lot has happened in the last five years in the world of autonomous and free cities. The time has come for a new edition of Titus Gebel’s book Free Private Cities: Making Governments Compete for You!

Dr. Gebel’s book Free Private Cities first came out five years ago. It quickly became one of the go-to resources on innovative models of governance, the establishment of new cities, and in general on where we should turn to next to aspire to a freer future.

The book lays out the Free Private City model – a vision for cities where a private company fulfills the role of a City Operator. This City Operator has negotiated autonomy from a Host State in a pre-defined area, which frees the city from taxes and regulations that apply elsewhere in the country. It also enables the City Operator to set its own internal rules and regulations that apply within the Free Private City.

Perhaps the most ground-breaking aspect of the Free Private City model is the Citizen Contract – a written contract between the City Operator and each individual resident of the city. This contract acts as a personalized constitution that is, for the first time, concrete, reliable, and legally enforceable. The resident of the Free Private City has the same rights and legal status as the City Operator – which is only a regular private company, after all – so not only does the resident have obligations to the City Operator, but the City Operator is in turn contractually obligated to provide certain services to the resident – most notably the protection of life, liberty, and property.

In the Free Private City, residents do not pay taxes but rather fixed fees specified in their Citizen Contract. They follow the rules set by the City Operator, whose powers are in turn defined and limited by the Citizen Contract. Other than that, the residents are free to live their lives as they see fit, as long as they don’t infringe on the rights of others. This sets up the Free Private City model to be one of the most promising and realistic ways to avoid or reverse the never-ending regulatory creep we are familiar with in traditional states, and to unleash unprecedented human creativity, innovation, growth, and prosperity.

In his book, Dr. Gebel describes his model in meticulous detail. What would life look like in such a city? What advantages would this way of life bring? How could the citizens organize themselves? What structures would need to be established?

In answering these questions, he is not vague – he lays out in detail how the idea of a Free Private City could be realized. He examines the legal system in such a community, the contractual conditions of citizenship, possible forms of participation, infrastructure, and security. He sheds light on topics such as economics, environmental protection, architecture, and culture. Currency issues are covered in his comprehensive work, as well as questions about social security.


“For the first time, there is now a viable alternative to Western democracies that doesn’t lead to benevolent dictatorship but offers maximum self-determination.”


-Titus Gebel, foreword to the third edition of Free Private Cities


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The new, completely overworked third edition of Free Private Cities includes six entirely new chapters, covering topics including Charter Cities and Network States, and telling the stories of what has happened to the projects of Próspera ZEDE in Honduras, the aspiring microstate of Liberland, as well as the seasteading movement. Some of these updates now include Dr. Gebel’s own initial experiences in his ongoing mission to establish Free Private Cities and put the idea into practice around the world.

The new version also covers new angles and topics related to the establishment, operations, and life in Free Private Cities, such as culture, ethics, and architecture. It also explores the hypothetical question of how a Free Private City would have dealt with the COVID crisis.


The third edition of Free Private Cities was released in both English (paperback) and German (hardcover) on October 14, 2023.