“I don’t think Bitcoin works top down.  I think it works bottom up, and this is what we have in Venezuela. 

The government in Venezuela, they don’t like Bitcoin, but at some point they realised that they can’t do anything about it.  And that’s true, no one can do anything about it.

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On today’s podcast I am speaking with film director Aaron Mucke and Jan, one of the protagonists from his Bitcoin film ‘Human B’, which was the reason for us all coming together in Poland.

In the conversation we take a quick dive down the rabbit hole to see what Aaron and Jan discovered during the production of ‘Human B’. Along the way, a few of the major questions that come up in our discussion are:

Does art actually change anything?

What is money?

Will Bitcoin end up suffering the same fate as gold?

And my personal favourite… Is Bitcoin a new religion?

Enjoy the conversation.